Quality and Environment Policy

Santori Pellami intends to produce quality articles thanks to the advanced degree of control and organization achieved, and above all to the commitment, the seriousness and the passion that every day all the personnel profound in their work. We are determined to pursue continuous improvement in everything we do and our greatest aspiration is to become the primary reference point for domestic and foreign customers in our sector, and to be considered by our customers as reliable, serious and irreplaceable partners. Santori Pellami takes into consideration all the interested parties, internal and external, for the purpose of respecting the environmental issues directly associated with the company and the ecological quality of the product. Through the certification of its Integrated Quality and Environment Management System, the company intends to guarantee and pursue customer satisfaction and the improvement of the environment over time. Santori Pellami is also aware that a responsible economic strategy, aimed at environmental issues deriving from its activities and products, leads to significant commercial advantages and to maintaining market shares. The organization and business operations are based on an Integrated Management System Quality Environment. This system takes the form of well-defined processes, applied in a systematic, planned and documented way, with the following purposes:

  • the supply of increasingly higher quality products and services;
  • continuous attention to customer satisfaction with detection of his satisfaction;
  • forms of fairness in commercial and technical approaches with customers, in the utmost transparency of communication and of the types of supplies offered;
  • accurate control of all company processes, with constant verification of the effects on the environment and the possibility of reducing them;
  • the punctual control of the supply process of the raw materials and the processing carried out with the supplying companies by establishing a relationship of trust and partnership with them;
  • a reduction in non-compliance situations;
  • a reduction in the risks associated with possible emergency situations both in order to preserve the health of workers and the conditions of the main environmental receptors;
  • optimization of its control and monitoring activities;
  • environmental protection, by engaging in an adequate information policy for personnel and interested parties such as customers, suppliers, end users;
  • the continuous improvement of its management system to achieve ever higher levels of excellence;
  • compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

The Management deeply believes in this and is committed to spreading and promoting quality and environmental protection principles.


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