The Santori company was founded long ago in 1890 by Santori Vincenzo, a far-seeing and wise merchant. Shortly after Italy was united, Santori started selling rabbit skins and increased his trade with cheeses and salami, raw and tanned leathers, calves and bullocks. In 1920 Vincenzo’s son Giuseppe took over. Always looking towards the future, gifted with excellent intuition for business and trade, under Giuseppe the small family business became a real company: the “Santori Giuseppe” company. And after the war, the company thus became a reference point for all the shoe companies which were then in full expansion. At the end of the sixties, Giuseppe’s sons, Vincenzo and Guerriero, entered the firm, and helped their father so that the company could grow and expand, adding leather and linings to the raw hides sold by the company: “Santori Giuseppe e figli”.

In the sixties and seventies the company grew, and changed its name first to “Santori Giuseppe e figli di Vincenzo e Guerriero Santori” and later, in 1978, to “Santori Pellami srl”. But the big change came about in 1983, when the renowned company became Santori Pellami Spa. From 1960 to 1990 the company was managed, throughout all its transformations, by the brothers Vincenzo and Guerriero, who gained a reputation on the market for correctness, reliability and excellent service to customers. In the years between 1990 and 1995, Vincenzo e Guerriero’s children entered the firm: Giuseppe, Andrea, Carlo and Sara, who had been born and brought up in the atmosphere of the family business, nourished with their parents’ experience and advice, training in the field and above all working in the company with passion, considering it a challenge and a way of expressing themselves.


Today, the company Santori Pellami, on the basis of its experience gained from generation to generation, is specialised in the production and sale of leathers. The Santori family’s wish is to make their company always more competitive, and to make it a leader in the sector. The goal of the Santori Pellami company is to offer a product that always meets the expectations of every customer. The main elements on which the company is based are: excellent quality-price ratio; prompt delivery; the certainty, for the customer, of always receiving the desired product; continual innovation; respect for the environment. It is thanks to these factors that the Santori Pellami company has won not only the trust of the national market, but also that of the international market. The company also operates abroad in: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, the Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and Hungary.


The resources to exploit for the future are the products, the men and the customers, to grow and innovate, to become increasingly more competitive, to keep up with the times and the fashions, and always with respect for and safeguarding the environment. Every 6 months, innovations are introduced, created by professional designers and stylists, with a strong desire to create only products in the latest fashion.

Show room

The Santori Pellami company has a large, well stocked showroom at its main offices in Monte Urano Marche Italy, where customers can smell the perfume of the real leather, and feel with their own fingers the softness of the wide range of tanned leathers, be astonished by the kaleidoscope of colours available (from the most classic to the latest trends). In addition, Santori Pellami Spa has a showroom in every country abroad, managed by trusted representatives of the company. In Canton, in China, the company has an office and showroom at the Hotel Garden Room 713.


The company Santori Pellami has a huge warehouse containing several million square meters of merchandise.


Delivery is immediate: the main aim is to serve customers in the shortest time possible. Promptness is one of the company’s strong points, a synonym for the professional attitude and seriousness of an efficient company, like Santori Pellami.